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 March 30 2021


The brakes of your car are one of its most essential safety features, with even a single second of stopping response time making a massive difference when it comes to preventing disaster on the road. 

In order to get maximum safety out of your brakes, they need to be serviced regularly. When your car brakes are functioning properly, they can save lives. Don’t risk the safety of you or your loved ones by driving with unsafe or worn brakes.

When Should I Get My Brakes Serviced?

Car brakes work with your vehicle’s hydraulic system, activated whenever you put pressure on your brake pedal. Any brake system involves complicated parts, including brake pads, brake fluids and metal rotors. With so many intricate parts, something can easily go wrong if even one of them stops working properly. That is why it’s so important to have your brakes serviced and regularly—at least every six months.

Thankfully, your vehicle will often let you know if there is a problem with your brakes. If your ‘brake’ light appears on the dashboard, it is informing you that you should get a professional brake check by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. This is a serious warning, so don’t take any chances and get your brake service.

Sometimes your car will not, for whatever reason, show the ‘brake’ light on your dashboard when there is an issue. Because of this, you should always be aware of the other signs that you may need brake repairs. These signs include:

  • Your vehicle taking longer than usual to stop
  • A squeal or screeching sound when stopping
  • When you press the brake pedal, there is a grinding noise or vibration
  • Steering wheel shuddering when braking
  • Brakes that are difficult to press

If you experience any of these signs, you should bring your car to a mechanic for a brake inspection as soon as possible.

Brake Services

At Great Lakes Auto Centre, we are experts when it comes to brake maintenance. We have all the equipment and experience needed to help with an urgent inspection for a major issue, or a bi-annual service.

If you have a faulty or worn down brake system, our professional team can replace it with ease. As a Bosch Car Service workshop, all of our work comes with a quality guarantee, so you know that you will be back on the road safely in no time.

For high-quality brake servicing, get in contact with Great Lakes Auto Centre. Give our friendly team a call on (02) 6590 1375, or fill out our easy online booking form



Great Lakes Auto Centre
in Forster, NSW
(02) 6555 6844

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