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  1. What to Do if Your Engine Is Overheating

      August 24 2023

      The engine is the heart of your car, working hard to get you wherever you need to go. When an engine overheats, it indicates a significant issue has occurred in your vehicle. You should pull over immediately where it is safe to do so or risk causing significant damage to your engine. Your engine […]


  2. What to Do When Your Car Has Electrical Issues

      July 15 2023

    Virtually every aspect of your car, from the starter motor to the cooling system, relies on electronics. As car technology has advanced, the driving experience has become more enjoyable and safe. However, an increased number of electrical components also means there is a higher probability of encountering auto electrical problems at some point. The electrical […]


  3. The Importance of Car Transmission Fluid

      June 22 2023

    Whether your car is manual or automatic, the transmission fluid is essential for the seamless operation of the transmission components, which are integral to your vehicle’s operation. Maintaining proper transmission fluid levels will help keep your car running at its best and can save you from expensive repairs down the line, with transmission replacement being […]


  4. Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Car

      April 25 2023

    Your car is more than just a means of transportation – it’s an investment that requires proper care and maintenance to ensure its longevity and reliability. Every driver should have a simple car maintenance checklist that they go through regularly to ensure their car stays in good condition.  Completing some basic car maintenance every once […]


  5. Why Your Car’s Coolant is Important

      March 28 2023

    Engine coolant, (also known as antifreeze coolant), is a crucial part of every vehicle’s cooling system. Its primary function is to regulate and maintain the temperature of the engine by absorbing excess heat and dissipating it through the radiator. Without sufficient coolant, the engine can overheat, leading to a variety of issues ranging from minor […]


  6. Does my car need an ADAS calibration?

      February 28 2023

    ADAS calibration is necessary to ensure the safe and accurate function of your driver assistance systems. These systems require precise calibration in order to provide the most accurate readings. Failing to calibrate your car’s ADAS can result in incorrect interventions that may lead to accidents, and additional vehicle problems including reduced fuel efficiency and increased […]


  7. Why does my steering wheel shake at high speeds?

      January 30 2023

    It’s vital that you feel in complete control of your vehicle when you’re driving, which is why unexpected steering wheel vibrations are dangerous, especially high speed steering wheel shake. All drivers should be aware of the common causes for their steering wheel shaking so they understand what to do should the issue ever occur in […]


  8. Why are my car’s brakes squealing?

      December 22 2022

    A squeaking or squealing sound coming from the brakes of your car isn’t uncommon and doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with your braking system. It could be caused by a number of factors, like general wear or just dust on the brake pads. It’s also not unusual for brakes to make a squeaking […]


  9. What to Do if Your Car Is Having Electrical Issues

      November 20 2022

    From your starter motor to your radio, just about everything in your car is powered by electricity. While all these advancements are great for making the driving experience smoother and safer, more electrical components means more chances of auto electrical problems.  The auto electrics in your car are an interconnected system; as soon as something […]


  10. How ADAS keeps you safe on the road

      October 26 2022

    If you have purchased a car in the last few years, chances are that it came with some form of advanced driver-assistance system, also known as ADAS. Advanced driver-assistance systems include any sensors, cameras and automated features that help you stay safe on the road, minimising the risk of human error. By 2030, it is […]



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