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  1. Tips To Prepare Your Car Air Con For Summer

      September 28 2020

    Over the cooler months and even into early spring, it’s easy to forget just how much we rely on our auto air conditioning during the hot Australian summer. Whether you’re driving to a far-flung holiday destination or commuting to work in the city, the heat can be merciless, and reliable climate control is a must […]


  2. Advantages of Car Navigation Installation

      July 28 2020

    Long gone are the days of carefully consulting a map and memorising your route before leaving home. It’s becoming increasingly common to replace these old methods with your smartphone, or even better, a navigation system in your vehicle. Installed navigation systems provide drivers with a number of advantages, helping you get to your destination quicker […]


  3. What Is Log Book Servicing?

      June 16 2020

    Log book servicing involves a professional mechanic servicing your vehicle to the standards set by the manufacturer. A log book car service is best done every six months or every 10,000 kms driven, depending on which comes first.  The ultimate goal of log book service is to keep your vehicle in running as it should […]


  4. Getting Your Car Serviced and Ready For Winter

      May 15 2020

    While winters in the Forster region are relatively mild, we can still expect shorter days, cooler temperatures and darker, wetter conditions. It’s worth thinking about how these factors can affect your vehicle’s performance, your driving experience and your safety on the roads.  By running a few simple checks on your vehicle, you can avoid many […]


  5. European Car Servicing – Why You Need a Specialist

      April 15 2020

    With a reputation for performance and style, European cars are a popular choice for Australian car lovers. For well-known brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Renault and Fiat, it is the combination of style and performance that have earned a reputation of excellence amongst these imported vehicles. Outclassing many other models, European cars boast the […]


  6. Tyre Service And Maintenance Tips

      March 15 2020

    Why It’s Important to Keep Your Tyres Maintained Keeping your tyres in great condition is one of the most essential aspects of car maintenance and safety. With worn or damaged tyres, you can easily lose control of your vehicle in a tight situation, putting you and your loved ones in immediate danger. The importance of […]


  7. Advantages Of Installing A Reversing Camera For Your Car

      February 20 2020

    Reversing cameras, also known as ‘backup cameras’ or ‘rear-view cameras’, have become extremely popular in the last few years and are now standard in many new vehicles. Let’s face it: when reversing a car, you’re never going to get the full picture. Your vision is limited by the bulk of the vehicle behind you, and […]


  8. Servicing and Maintaining Your Caravan

      January 20 2020

    There are so many great reasons people are switching to caravans, motorhomes and RVs for their holiday getaway: the coziness and convenience is second to none. A swanky hotel room is all well and good, but nothing keeps costs down and gives you a smooth holiday experience like roaming around with your caravan right behind, […]


  9. Should I Get My Car’s Aircon Regassed?

      December 23 2019

    Air conditioning: isn’t it just something that happens when you turn the dial on the dashboard? For most car owners, that’s the sum of their thoughts about car air conditioning, although the truth is that aircon inside a vehicle is actually a complex series of processes that need a bit of attention to keep them […]



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