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 December 7 2023

Whether faced with summer heat or freezing winter, your car’s air conditioning system is your primary protector against uncomfortable temperatures. This system is prone to regular wear and tear, so regular maintenance is key to ensuring it performs at its best.

It is recommended to book a car aircon service annually, but sometimes issues can occur unexpectedly. To determine if you are due for an early service or a car aircon regas, carefully observe the following AC properties and ensure they are in working order.


Air should flow from your air conditioning system strongly and consistently. One of the most obvious signs that you need a car aircon repair is that air is having trouble reaching your vents. If you notice weak airflow, it is important to have your system checked by an expert who can diagnose and correct the problem before it worsens.


A car’s air conditioning system can build up mould or mildew in the evaporator core over time. This is a leading cause of weak airflow from a car aircon and can be harmful to breathe in. It may also be caused by a broken ventilation fan.
Several more complicated issues can cause weak airflow. It is best to have the system checked by a professional to accurately identify causes.


A functioning air conditioner should be relatively silent. If you hear the car aircon hissing or making a strange rattling noise when it is turned on, something is wrong. Be alert and have new noises checked by an expert as soon as possible, as it could indicate a more serious problem.


Rattling can be caused by a broken fan belt, condenser, loose debris or a crucial component coming loose. A hissing noise could also indicate that there is an issue with a system component.
Without professional experience, it can be difficult to know the cause of a noise from your car’s A/C. The technicians at Great Lakes Auto Centre are car aircon experts, skilled in servicing and diagnosing auto air conditioning systems.


Your car’s air conditioning system should be relatively odourless, and a bad smell can indicate a problem with the cabin air filter. Over time, this air filter can become damaged or build up mould. It should be regularly cleaned and replaced as necessary to prevent damage to your air conditioning system.


If your air conditioner produces a foul odour, it may mean that your cabin air filter is damaged. Another cause of a mildew smell could be a mouldy evaporator case or air vent. These should both be regularly cleaned as they build up over time.

Air Temperature

The vents of your system should be able to blow air at a consistent, set temperature. Vents that initially blow cold air that turns warm over time are an indicator that your car’s air conditioning isn’t working as it should.


There can be a range of issues that lead to a car aircon blowing hot air. One cause is a clogged expansion valve preventing air from flowing smoothly from the refrigerant into the evaporator.
It could also be caused by serious problems such as a damaged compressor or a blown fuse. To ensure your air conditioning is working at its best during the summer heat, it is important to have a mechanic diagnose any potential problems.

Great Lakes Auto Centre – Forster’s Trusted Experts

One of the best ways to avoid larger problems and prepare your air conditioner to battle the heat is to keep up with regular maintenance checks on the system. Great Lakes Auto Centre’s technicians are automotive experts, committed to using firsthand knowledge and a wealth of experience to meet all of your car’s maintenance needs.

Call us on (02) 6590 1375 or fill out our contact form to book an appointment with our friendly team today.


Great Lakes Auto Centre
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