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 September 7 2023

Before your next trip away, it’s important to remember to make sure your caravan or motorhome is safe for travel.

Caravans and motorhomes suffer wear and tear over time, even when not being used regularly. It is imperative to regularly service your motorhome and caravan to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Motorhome vs Caravan Servicing

Motorhome servicing will involve a few additional checks that are not necessary for a caravan. Whilst there are differences in maintenance between motorhomes and caravans, they will both require regular upkeep and servicing checks to perform at their safest.

The Benefits of Regular Servicing

Keep Safe On The Road

Towing a caravan or driving an RV that is in poor condition puts you and your passengers unnecessarily at risk. Preventative measures like regular servicing lowers the risk of unexpected issues and will leave you better equipped to deal with road hazards safely.

Save Money On Repairs Early

Issues can begin without you even knowing. These problems can become bigger, and more costly to fix with time. Regular maintenance checks can catch problems early on and save you money on motorhome or caravan repairs.

Maintain Warranty and Longevity

Your motorhome manufacturer will have a set servicing schedule that you need to follow in order to maintain your warranty. This schedule can be found in the owner’s manual.

Better Resale Value

Someone looking to purchase a second-hand motorhome will prefer one that has been regularly serviced. Providing a logbook of consistent maintenance to a potential buyer can increase your resale value in the future.

When To Schedule A Service

There are a few recommended guidelines for when to schedule an appointment depending on if you own a caravan or motorhome.


  • It’s Been Left Unused: RVs can still be in need of repairs or servicing even if they haven’t been driven for a long time. To keep yourself and your passengers safe, it is best to get a service before you begin a trip if you have not used your RV in a while.
  • After a Long Trip: Long distances can wear down your vehicle. It is advised to book in a service every 10,000km driven to help prevent problems on your next trip.
  • Annually: Most manufacturers recommend that you get your vehicle serviced at least every 12 months. This helps prevent any costly repairs that may arise from irregular servicing.
  • You Notice Changes: Be alert for any small changes in your motorhome, such as the vehicle taking longer to brake or inconsistent steering. To ensure your safety, have new behaviour checked as soon as possible.


  • Your First Service: If you have recently purchased your caravan, you should book in for a first service. This usually occurs after 1,000km but will be specified by the manufacturer.
  • After a Long Trip: Long trips over uneven terrain can cause damage that requires repair. Caravans should be checked by a mechanic after every 10,000km driven to ensure issues are identified early.
  • Before Hitting the Road: If the caravan has been left stationary for an extended period, it is always advisable to book a service before a long trip.
  • Annually: Even if left unused, caravans should be serviced regularly and periodically as wear and tear can still occur whilst stationary over time.

Always check for signs of visible rust or damage and inspect your tires before every trip. When not regularly maintained, caravans can become a danger on the road. Be proactive with your safety by following a regular service schedule.

Booking A Service

The friendly team at Great Lakes Auto are equipped with specialised knowledge and advanced diagnostic tools to expertly service your caravan or motorhome. Get in touch with us on (02) 6590 1375 or fill out our contact form to ensure a stress-free trip in the future.


Great Lakes Auto Centre
in Forster, NSW
(02) 6555 6844

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