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 June 24 2022


The condition of your vehicle’s clutch is one of the most important parts to maintain in order to keep you safe on the road. Given how frequently the clutch is used, it is subject to wear and tear, and eventually will need to be replaced during the life of your vehicle.

There isn’t a specific amount of years or kilometres travelled before you should get a clutch replacement, although most clutches tend to last between 100,000 and 200,000 kilometres. The best time to get your car clutch replaced by a qualified mechanic, however, is when you start to notice some of the signs that it is in poor condition.

What are the signs that I need a clutch service or replacement?

Unusual sounds

You should have a good understanding of what your clutch usually sounds like when you use it – if it makes any sound at all. Common warning signs of oncoming issues include a squeaky clutch pedal or a grinding noise when you change gears. If you notice any unusual noises when using the clutch, it is important to get your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Clutch resistance

Resistance when you press down on the clutch pedal is another common sign of clutch issues, indicating that it may be time to get a clutch service. This can also come as a feeling of the clutch being “sticky” or even through difficulty switching gears. When you experience these signs, the friendly team at Great Lakes Auto Centre can get you back on the road in no time.

Unexpected vibrations

It is normal to experience some small vibrations when you use the clutch, but when these vibrations start getting stronger, it is likely a sign that your clutch needs servicing or replacement. You should get your clutch looked at by a professional quickly, as these vibrations can quickly turn into strong shudders when you take your foot off the clutch, putting you in danger as you drive.

Gears slipping

A significant sign of car clutch failure is your gears slipping without you changing them. This issue should be fixed by a mechanic immediately, as slipping out of gear can lead to you losing control of your vehicle temporarily.

Odd smells

If you experience an odd burning smell when you release the clutch, this is another sign that you should get a clutch service as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to have the mechanics at Great Lakes Auto Centre take a closer look – it could be the difference between safety and danger on the road.

How to Make Your Clutch Last Longer

It is inevitable that your vehicle’s clutch will need to be replaced eventually, but you can still make an effort to keep your clutch in the best possible condition to increase the time between replacements.

One of the best habits you can get into to extend the life of your clutch is to avoid touching the clutch pedal whenever it is not necessary. Relaxing your foot on the pedal puts unnecessary pressure on it, resulting in gradual wear over time. While stationary, putting your car into neutral can also help reduce clutch deterioration.

You should always get a car service before going on a long road trip, so having your clutch inspected as part of your ordinary general service will allow your mechanic to find any issues before the signs start showing. The team at Great Lakes Auto Centre can help repair and maintain your clutch before it gets to the point where you need a full clutch replacement.

If you have any concerns about your clutch or need a service, you can trust the team at Great Lakes Auto Centre to get the job done right. Simply call us on (02) 6555 6844, or complete our online contact form and we’ll get in touch soon.


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