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 February 28 2023

ADAS calibration is necessary to ensure the safe and accurate function of your driver assistance systems. These systems require precise calibration in order to provide the most accurate readings. Failing to calibrate your car’s ADAS can result in incorrect interventions that may lead to accidents, and additional vehicle problems including reduced fuel efficiency and increased wear and tear on tires and brakes. Any slight damage or misalignment to your sensors or cameras can lead to big problems in the future.

Signs your car needs an ADAS calibration

There are several signs that your car may need an ADAS calibration. Familiarising yourself with these signs is essential to ensure you understand when your ADAS is being unreliable.  

Recent accident or collision

If your car has recently been involved in a collision or accident, it is important that you get your ADAS checked. Even the most minor bump can cause damage to the vehicle’s sensors and cameras, and disrupt their alignment.

Dashboard warnings

If you see a proximity warning on your dashboard when nothing is around the vehicle, this may be an indication there is a problem with your ADAS calibration.

System malfunctions

If you notice your car’s sensors triggering too early or too late, failing to notice nearby objects, or issuing incorrect warnings, this is a sign that your system needs to be calibrated. For your safety and everyone else on the road, it’s essential you get this investigated by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Car modifications 

Recent car modifications such as replacing external parts or altering of the suspension can impact your ADAS. For example, if your car has had a windshield replacement, your vehicle will need an ADAS windshield calibration to ensure everything is correctly configured. 

Who can do an ADAS calibration?

A certified ADAS calibration technician will have the specialised training and expertise to install, assess, and calibrate the system with precision. Workshops like Great Lakes Auto have their own dedicated ADAS calibration technician and are the best option for performing a calibration. Great Lakes Auto has the latest diagnostic equipment required for calibration, including laser-based equipment, target boards, and specialised software. The team also has access to OEM parts, ensuring that the calibration is performed using parts that meet manufacturer specifications.


At Great Lakes Auto, our ADAS calibration technicians have access to approved Bosch ADAS calibration equipment to ensure that everything is done with precision. To arrange an ADAS assessment or calibration, please call us on (02) 6590 1375 or fill out our online booking form.


Great Lakes Auto Centre
in Forster, NSW
(02) 6555 6844

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