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 March 15 2020

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Tyres Maintained

Keeping your tyres in great condition is one of the most essential aspects of car maintenance and safety.

With worn or damaged tyres, you can easily lose control of your vehicle in a tight situation, putting you and your loved ones in immediate danger.

The importance of switching out old tyres for new ones can’t be understated. With good tyres your car drives will be more efficient and smooth on the road, meaning you’ll have a more enjoyable and safer time while travelling. Your brakes also rely on the condition of your tyres, so the better your tyre condition, the better your car’s response time in an emergency.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Tyres

One of the easiest ways you can increase the lifespan of your tyres is to regularly check their air pressure and add air if needed. Before filling your tyres, it’s important to check your car user manual for the optimal air pressure (PSI), which will usually fall between 30 and 35.

Keeping your tyre’s air at the right level is important to both your tyres and your car’s fuel consumption. Filling the air in your tyres is easy and can be done at any service station for free. Doing so will help your car drive easier, which means it’s consuming less fuel. It’s important to check the air in your tyres at least once a month.

Another simple way to increase the lifespan of your tyres is by getting a regular tyre service. At Great Lakes Auto Centre, our experienced mechanics know what’s best for your tyres.

Experts can advise you on wheel alignment and wheel balance if needed, which can greatly improve your vehicle’s handling and tyre lifespan. 

Driving carefully is another way to get the best out of your tyres in the long run. By taking speed bumps, turns, and roundabouts slowly and with caution, you can make sure that your tyres wear evenly. Unevenly tyre wear can cause you problems down the track. Avoid gutters and potholes as well, as these can damage your wheel’s balance and alignment.

When Do Your Tyres Need Servicing or Replacing?

If you find yourself refilling the air in your tyres more than once a month, it may be time to have your tyres professionally serviced. Another sign of needing servicing or repairs for your tyres is vibration in your vehicle when driving on newer roads.

Similarly, if you experience poor handling while driving, it’s important that you have your vehicle checked for major any concerns. You can check the tread of your tyres visually. If you notice smooth areas where the tread has run down to smooth rubber you are overdue for new tyres.

How Long Should Your Tyres Last?

It’s hard to give a life expectancy for tyres, because there are so many variables. Generally, tyres will last between 10,000 and 50,000 kms.

This number is impacted by the conditions of the roads you drive on, the speed you drive at (driving at higher speeds will generate more heat, which will wear the tyre treads down), and the quality of the tyres. This is why it is so important to have your tyres checked by professionals like the team at Great Lakes Auto Centre. We can give you the best idea as to how much longer your tyres may last.

If you’re in need of tyre servicing or repairs, get in contact with us at Great Lakes Auto Centre on (02) 6555 6844 or fill out our simple booking form.

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